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Car Hire

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Below is more information about the organisations we work with to reduce the environmental impact of car rental.

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Eco Turkey Travel has partnered with a fantastic airport transfers provider. You can choose one way or return and even if you’d like to go by a private taxi or coach. Begin your search by visiting the home page and selecting Airport Transfers as your search option.

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Why we work with AVIS?

AVIS is committed to reducing its impact on the environment through measuring and reducing its carbon footprint.. Avis has been CarbonNeutral® operations accredited since 2002.

Every business needs to take action to measure and reduce their carbon footprint. Since 1997 AVIS has actively reduced its emissions.

Practical steps to reduce our environmental impact

Steps we’ve taken include changing our fleets regularly to ensure they operate as efficiently as possible. For example;

In Sweden, Avis has invested in more than 400 of the new ethanol-powered Saab 9-5 BioPower cars, along with around 75 Ford Flexi-fuel and 20 Toyota Prius.

In the US 500 Nissan Altima Hybrid vehicles and 1,000 Toyota Priuses have been introduced

In the UK we have reduced our rental fleet emissions by 4%

At our HQ we continue to operate efficient systems to minimise our CO2 emissions

CarbonNeutral operations

AVIS has been CarbonNeutral® operations accredited since 2002. For every one tonne of CO2 we produce, we pay for one tonne to be saved by a validated emission reduction project that has met international standards. Over the past decade we have supported and help finance:

Forestry projects across Europe;
A small-scale hydro power project in Bulgaria;
An agricultural methane capture project in Germany;
A co-generation power plant in India, which achieves greenhouse gas emissions reductions by switching the supply of energy to the facility from fossil fuel sources to biomass, a renewable energy source;
Four small run-of-river hydro power stations in Western China

We’re always on the look-out for the next initiative to support and our investment in such schemes will grow as we do.

CarbonNeutral® rentals

Customers can join in our drive towards reducing carbon emissions too by offsetting their rental emissions when they book online.. We also supply our customers and staff with environmental driving tips so we can lower emissions by doing simple everyday things.)

Click here to make your rental CarbonNeutral®: http://www.jpmorganclimatecare.com

Long term commitment

Our commitment is for the long-term and carbon management is a key part of our business strategy. We’ve been taking action since 1997 and are developing ways to minimise our impact and enable our customers to help reduce their emissions and also tackle climate change. When it comes to the environment, as in every area of our business, We Try Harder