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A Sea Voyage around Turkey

A Sea Voyage around Turkey

Turkey has a truly unique coastline that can best be appreciated on cruises or gulet holidays that allow you to see the country from the water. Most of the top cities and tourist destinations in Turkey are located along the coast, but there are some interesting places further inland that can be visited by joining Turkey tours departing from the coast, and there are plenty of coastal cities where it is worth breaking your trip to spend a few days exploring. Cappadocia tours and Istanbul city breaks are two of the most popular options.

Why Travel By Water?

Flying in and out of a country can add to the ecological cost of a holiday while also distancing you from the country that you are visiting, giving you a less authentic taste of the culture. When you simply fly in and out of a major city or resort town, you usually see very little of the surrounding countryside, and spend most of your time surrounded by other tourists visiting the most popular attractions. Travelling by water is slower, but this relaxed approach to visiting a new country can give you a chance to get closer to the real places and people. The Mediterranean is the perfect place to experience this sort of slow, intimate travel, since it is one of the most popular destinations for cruising, according to Planet Cruise, although it is also possible to sail along the Aegean and Black Sea coasts during Turkey tours. The ecological impact of cruising can be reduced by travelling with a responsible company that is investing in green solutions or by travelling on smaller vessels. Gulet holidays, for example, can give you the chance to travel around the Turkish coast using one of the cleanest energy sources there is: wind power.

Gulet Cruise Close to Inland

Turkey Tours and Cruises

Turkey is a popular Mediterranean cruise destination, but its coastline can be explored on smaller sailing ships and gulet holidays as well as on larger vessels that dock only in the major ports. Travelling with these smaller companies is a good way of getting to know the local culture and supporting responsible tourism in the region. Cruises and ferries can take you to many of the most beautiful coastal destinations, including Antalya, Marmaris, Izmir and Bodrum, and longer stays at some of these locations, such as Istanbul city breaks, can also be incorporated into your journey. Gulet holidays offer a more private experience, guided by knowledgeable local crew around some of the secret coves and secluded islands, seeing sights and reaching places only accessible by water. These types of Turkey tours by water can still easily be combined with Istanbul city breaks or excursions to visit inland attractions, such as trips to the capital, Ankara, or Cappadocia tours to see one of the country’s natural wonders.

Istanbul City Breaks

Istanbul is one of the destinations that can easily be reached by water, and it is also one of the most popular cities for travellers seeking a taste of Turkey’s history and culture. The city spreads to either side of the Bosphorus, bridging the European and Asian continents, and it has been a meeting point of many cultures for centuries. Istanbul city breaks can include tours of the historic city centre, much of which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visits to the many galleries and museums, and the chance to enjoy an eclectic mix of cuisines and an exciting nightlife in Galata. The top places to visit in the city include the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet, while the most interesting activities include a visit to a hamam or Turkish bath, shopping in the bazaars and a cruise along the Bosphorus. The city also acts as a gateway to both the Mediterranean and Black seas, as well as to the rest of the country, so Istanbul city breaks can easily be incorporated into longer trips around the country, as part of extended Turkey tours and cruises or gulet holidays, or combined with trips further inland.

Cappadocia Tours

Inland Turkey has a beauty that might be missed by sticking to the coastal region, or to Istanbul city breaks, but it is possible to join inland excursions from many of the coastal ports and cities. Many Turkey tours will combine coastal and inland destinations, while shorter trips can easily be arranged to see specific sites, such as the enchanting caves and rock formations that can be seen on Cappadocia tours. Cappadocia is a unique landscape of weathered rock spires or fairy chimneys, where the traces of thousands of years of human occupation can be seen in the temples, churches and houses that have been carved into the rock. Goreme and Urgup are the best places to stay in the area, and Cappadocia tours and buses can be arranged from Istanbul and other large coastal cities such as Izmir.

Posted By Melissa Hall