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Touring Turkey by Road

Touring Turkey by Road

Turkey is a much larger country, with a much more varied landscape, than many of the visitors who stick to Istanbul city breaks or gulet holidays along the coast might suspect. The beauty encountered during Cappadocia tours and journeys along the less well travelled routes into the centre of the country can be completely different to that experienced in the popular coastal resorts and major cities. Turkey tours by road can show you a completely new side to the country, although renting a car can also be useful on Istanbul city breaks, since it will give you the freedom to plan your own excursions outside of the city.

Turkey Tours by Road

One of the most popular destinations for road trips is the USA, where the wide, open roads and vast uninhabited spaces have inspired many travellers, but there are plenty of other places around the world where you can enjoy your travels more when you are driving. The wild countryside of Ireland, the country lanes of rural France and the remote roads running through the Black Forest in Germany are also ideally explored by car, but while Turkey might less often be perceived as a driving destination, it also has some beautiful landscapes and destinations that are best reached by car. Gulet holidays may give you the chance to see the coast, while Istanbul city breaks can take you to the heart of Turkish culture, but Turkey tours by car can be unforgettable and unique experiences. Road travel can also be a less environmentally damaging option than taking multiple short haul flights within a country, an impact that will be reduced further by choosing a responsible car rental service. Renting a car can be a simple way to make the most of your time in a new part of the world, although if you are intending to take a longer journey or cross any international borders, although you will need to check that you have the right license and coverage for a road trip from your insurer.

Driving in Turkey

It is possible to drive in Turkey using an international EU or US driving license. This license, along with your passport and the insurance documents for the car should be carried with you at all times. Cars for Turkey tours or excursions during Istanbul city breaks can be rented from many of the major cities and airports, although an alternative to driving yourself if you want to reach some of the inland sights in Turkey, or join Cappadocia tours to see one of the most unique landscapes in the region, is to join a bus tour.

Driving in a foreign country always requires a certain amount of adjustment to local practices, and awareness of local laws, such as the zero limit for alcohol when driving. It is essential to drive carefully and take sensible defensive measures, particularly in major cities like Istanbul, where local drivers often start and stop suddenly. If you do decide to drive while you are in Turkey, you will find that the roads are generally well maintained, and petrol stations are usually easy to find and close to the main routes. If you need to find a garage, they will typically be located along the highway or in a particular neighbourhood within a city. Locals or tourist information providers should be able to direct you to the right location. Road markings and signs in Turkey follow international standards, and if you are looking for a historic site, you will find that they are indicated by brown road signs. Vehicles drive on the right, and the speed limit is usually 50km/h within city centres, rising to 90km/h outside the centre, and 120km/h on the motorways, some of which are toll roads.

Routes for Turkey and Cappadocia Tours

Renting a car while you are on vacation can enable you to see more of Turkey than is possible during Istanbul city breaks or short-distance Turkey tours, but your route can incorporate gulet holidays and city or Cappadocia tours along the way. Istanbul city breaks can easily be incorporated into Turkey tours by car, since the city makes a great starting point for your route. You can then drive down along the coast to the historical city of Ephesus, taking the time to explore some of the beautiful villages that you will pass through along the way, and cutting your driving time by taking the two-hour ferry ride from Yenikapi to Bandirma. If you would like to relax on the beach or join one of the gulet holidays that take travellers sailing in a traditional boat, you can continue to Fethiye, but if you are hoping for a more active holiday, you may want to stop to hike along some of the Lycian Way, which starts in Oludeniz. More beaches, along with attractions like the Antalya Museum and Hadrian’s Gate, can be found further down the coast at Antalya, but your route should aim to travel further inland, looping back to Istanbul via the beautiful Cappadocia. Cappadocia tours by car will give you the chance to really explore the landscape, visiting locations such as the Zelve Valley that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Posted by Melissa Hall