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Where To Stay During Your Turkish Escape

Where To Stay During Your Turkish Escape

When you choose to travel to Turkey for your annual vacation the possibilities of where to visit and where to stay are almost endless. Some people choose to hire a villa whilst others prefer the luxury of a five star hotel. For some adventurous tourists a week on the open sea, sleeping on a gulet may be the perfect way to spend a holiday. For others, a cosy bed and breakfast with views of the sea would be a much better alternative. So which option is best for you? Here are some of the best places you could stay during your Turkish escape, and the pros and cons of each:

Enjoy a Gulet Adventure!

Many of the most popular cities and tourist areas of Turkey are situated around the coast, making exploring the country by gulet a wonderful way of seeing plenty of the sights the country has to offer. A gulet is a traditional Turkish sailing boat, made from wood, and a common sight around the coast of Turkey. The pros of this kind of travel are that you are likely to see considerably more of Turkey if you travel and stay in a gulet (you can also take tours from your boat to see more of the inland areas) and you’re able to sleep and enjoy your vacation activities in the same environment. The obvious con of gulet holiday is that it’s not a great holiday for travellers prone to sea sickness!

Own Your Own Turkish Getaway

One option for always ensuring you have the perfect home away from home when you travel to Turkey is to invest in your own Turkish property. Hundreds of thousands of British tourists currently own properties or have invested in timeshares abroad. One of the main pros of this option is that you will always know that you are staying when you go on your vacation and can be assured by the quality of your accommodation. There will be no surprises (good or bad) when you arrive at your destination. Another pro is that you could let out your holiday home when you aren’t staying in it to recoup some of the initial expense of purchasing the property, and your property could make a great investment for your retirement. This, however, leads to the first and biggest con of owning your own Turkish getaway: it can be very expensive to purchase the property initially, and you will have to have adequate funds for maintenance and upkeep of the property whilst you own it. You also won’t have the luxury of a team of staff to assist you, like you would at a hotel.

Consider Camping?

If you like the idea of being closer to nature and limiting your impact on the environment when you take a holiday then you may wish to consider camping during your time in Turkey. The most obvious con of camping is that you are prone to exposure from the elements when you are in a tent. Having said that, the weather in Turkey is so fine that for much of the year this is unlikely to be a concern. One of the many pros of camping is that it is the most affordable accommodation option when you travel, and it is also a lightweight way to see a lot of the country: you can simply pack up your tent and move on to another city if you wish to explore. If you like living simply and not being surrounded by all of your home comforts then camping could be the option for you.

And There Are Plenty of Hotels!                                               

There’s no reason to list the pros and cons of staying in a hotel! If you like hotel stay then you’ll be spoilt for choice in Turkey, and if your focus is on environmentally friendly travel then you’ll be pleased to know there is a host of new generation eco hotels in the country too. Hotels are perfect for shorter week-long and two week-long stays, however if you are looking to stay in Turkey for an extended period of time you may find it considerably more affordable to find an apartment or holiday let for the duration of your stay.